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Lionel Hughes: Photographica // Antique Cameras and Accessories

Information and references:

References may be made to one of the following books .The references are indicated in the item listings by the code letters given here in brackets.

You might find it convenient to use a print of this page while viewing the listings.

"Guide Michel Auer" (MA) "The Illustrated History of the Camera" by Michel Auer". (MAH) "Von Daguerre bis Heute" by H. D. Abring. (HA) . "Cameras" by Brian Coe, (BC). "An Age of Cameras" by Edward Holmes, (EH). "Historisch Kameras 1847-1970" by James E. Cornwall (JC). "Collectors Guide to Japanese Cameras" by K. Sugiyama, H. Naoi & J. R. Bullock (CJC). "Kodak the First 100 Years" by Brian Coe.(BCK). "Collectors Guide to Kodak Cameras" by Jim & Joan McKeown. (JM). "Leica Collection" by Shinichi Nakamura. (SN). "Leica" by P-H Van Hasbroeck (PH) . "Review of Graflex" by R. Paine. (RP). "300 Leica Copies" by Patrice H. Pont & Jean-Loup Princelle,(PP). "Leica Copies" by HPR. (HPR). "History of Photography" by Camfield and Deirdre Wills. (CW) "British Camera Makers" by N. Channing & M. Dunn. (CD). "Les Appareils Photographiques Francais" by Mssrs. Francesch, Bovis & Boucher. (FBB) " Zeiss Cameras" by Kurt Juttner & Berd K. Otto, (JO) "Spy Camera" by Michael Pritchard & Douglas St. Denny. (SC). "Ariel Cinematograph Register" by Pete Ariel. (ACR). "The History of Movie Photography" by Brian Coe. (BCC) "Histoire de la Camera Cine Amateur" by Michel Auer (MAC) "The Ten Year Book" by The Magic Lantern Soc. (TYB) "Victorian Photography" by Howarth-Loomes. (HL) "Dates & Sources" by F. P. Liesegang (FPL) "Contaflex, Contarex" by Hans-Jurgen Kuc (HJC)"Magic Images" by The Magic Lantern Soc. (MI) "STEREOSCOPES The First One Hundred Years" by Paul Wing. (PW)

Plate sizes approximately as follows; Whole plate; 6 1/2 x 8 1/2" (16.5 x 21.6cm.) 1/2 plate; 6 1/2 x 4 3/4"(16.5 x 12cm) 1/4 plate; 3 1/4 x 4 1/4" ( 8.25 x 10.8cm.)

We search for cameras on request and view and bid for clients at British auctions where "buyer beware" most certainly applies.

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